Solo: Neither Biden nor Trump supports veterans


The current president, Joe Biden, and the former president, Donald Trump, argued over who supports veterans in their latest presidential debate. Neither of them supports veterans.

Trump and Biden evaded the draft during the Vietnam War. Both of them let other men serve and possibly die in their places. Biden and Trump chose their lives over other people’s lives. They chose cowardice over courage, selfishness over sacrifice and personal safety over liberty.

Then, Trump and Biden had the audacity to shamelessly challenge veterans for the presidency. If they respected veterans, they would have endorsed veterans for the presidency. By seeking to be the commander in chief after evading the draft for the U.S. military, Biden and Trump are essentially spitting on the graves of those who answered the call of duty and died for liberty.

As a former military officer, I can tell you that it’s impossible to truly understand and lead the military as an effective commander in chief without having served in it. Because Trump and Biden didn’t have the courage to serve in the military, they don’t have the courage or moral authority to lead the military.

Ashu M.G. Solo


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