Scott: Councilman’s leadership beyond impressive


I’m writing to express my sincere appreciation to Dover Councilman Roy Sudler for his assistance with a recent city matter. Councilman Sudler took the time to sit down and explain to me the process and procedure very thoroughly and gave me a better understanding. I live in the 4th District, where Councilman Sudler is my representative, and he is always helping people who are down and out on their luck with food, jobs or shelter. To tell you how companionate and considerate he is, I have to mention that he weekly mows the grass of my mother, who is a disabled widow, and refuses to take any payment. He gives rides to the older adults around the city and at Luther Towers who need to go to medical appointments.

My observation has led me to strongly believe that the most telling measurement of a leader is what they leave behind in the community. Councilman Sudler has left nothing but great things behind in our community, and I truly hope he advances in the political arena to become the next mayor of the city of Dover, so he can do what he does best by helping those in need.

Councilman Sudler is a true hero!

Tyron Scott


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