New chapter for Sussex libraries: County names Lynch director

By Glenn Rolfe
Posted 7/15/21

GEORGETOWN — Sussex County is turning to a longtime professional with a wealth of experience to lead its Department of Libraries.

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New chapter for Sussex libraries: County names Lynch director


GEORGETOWN — Sussex County is turning to a longtime professional with a wealth of experience to lead its Department of Libraries.

At its Tuesday meeting, Sussex County Council appointed Rachel T. Lynch the next director of the entity.

Ms. Lynch, currently serving as assistant county librarian, will take over for retiring director, Kathy M. Graybeal.

In her new position, Ms. Lynch will oversee a 50-member staff, the general administration of three county-owned libraries and the county’s Mobile Library. She will also coordinate with the employees and directors of the 11 independent libraries in Sussex County to ensure effective operation of the statewide automated system.

“I’m thrilled to have been selected to lead the county library system,” Ms. Lynch said. “I look forward to working more closely with the libraries and their communities to support their literary and informational needs.”

She said she wants to build more strategic partnerships, like the recent relationship with Beebe Healthcare and the county’s bookmobile to provide COVID-19 vaccines to underserved communities. Her goal is to make libraries the first place residents look to for outreach assistance.

Ms. Lynch holds a Master of Science degree in library and information science from the University of Tennessee, as well as several certifications. She worked at the Rehoboth Beach Public Library and the Milford Public Library for a combined 18 years prior to beginning her tenure with the Sussex County Department of Libraries in 2006.

Starting as head cataloger, she co-created and chaired the Delaware Library Consortium Cataloging Executive Committee.

Promoted to assistant county librarian in 2013, Ms. Lynch served as a trainer for the library system, created promotional materials and managed the budget for the Sussex County Mobile Library. In addition, she worked with the Delaware Department of Libraries and the state librarian to achieve the merging of Delaware libraries into the Delaware Library Consortium.

“Rachel brings the experience and knowledge of the library system that will ensure a successful transition,” County Council President Michael H. Vincent said Tuesday. “I have no doubt that Rachel will do an excellent job supporting the county-owned libraries and embracing the relationship that the county has with the other 11 independent libraries.”

As Sussex County welcomes Ms. Lynch to her position, it also says goodbye to Ms. Graybeal, who will retire as county library director July 23 after 10 years of service.

“Ms. Graybeal’s leadership will be missed,” said County Administrator Todd F. Lawson. “Her time as the county librarian has made a lasting impression on the county. During her tenure, she helped from the construction of the Greenwood (Public) Library to the implementation of the grant agreements now in place with the independent libraries.”