Monahan: Democrats are in panic mode


After his disastrous performance in the presidential debate June 27, Democratic leaders are in a quandary as to what to do to enhance or replace their existing presidential nominee, Joseph R. Biden. His actions from the time he first came to the podium, with the unreliable and rambling answers given to the CNN inquiries, were most distressing for Democrats and something they never expected.

With hope in Democrats’ hearts, Biden was given an entire week of preparation for the first presidential debate. When viewing the nightmare responses by Biden, it appeared to be a worthless week of effort for a losing cause. America needs a president offering strong leadership and respect (and fear to adversarial nations), which is everything that America has not had since Biden took the presidential oath.

While Biden suffered a terrible presidential debate, Donald Trump was right on target in his clear-cut responses, with a memory of situations and crises. Biden didn’t have a clue to past events.

Democrats now are in a most difficult position, having to determine what will be offered to America: their unfavorable presidential choice or another course of action with a new presidential candidate. Who will be the new Democratic offering at this volatile point in time? Currently, it appears they are offering America a loser. Reality speaks when very difficult decisions must be made. The leaders know they are currently backing a big-time loser. America would never elect the man who was on the Democratic podium June 27, so there is a major consideration that must be made before the Democratic National Convention in August. Tough times are ahead for the Democrats in determining what and who will be their most favorable presidential offering. Currently, they know it is not the existing president, Joseph R. Biden.

Who will be the Democrats’ most favorable candidate to offer America? Time will tell. Joe Biden probably doesn’t remember what a Democratic disaster he gave America. In his mind’s vacant eye, he believes all went well for him June 27. His memory keeps failing him time after time. Democrats have to determine who will be their best presidential offering.

America will vote for the strength, respect and leadership once held during the Trump presidential term. It would appear that another Trump presidency is on the horizon Nov. 5!

May God always bless the United States of America!

Beverly E. Monahan


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