Millsboro mayor resigns post

By Glenn Rolfe
Posted 11/24/21

MILLSBORO — Michelle Truitt, just the second woman to serve as mayor, submitted her resignation Tuesday.

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Millsboro mayor resigns post


MILLSBORO — Michelle Truitt, just the second woman to serve as mayor, submitted her resignation Tuesday.

Ms. Truitt read her prepared statement Wednesday morning.

“It has been a pleasure to serve the residents and businesses of Millsboro over the past 16 years,” she said. “Donating hundreds of hours of my own time each year, talking to concerned taxpayers, families, business owners and developers has afforded me the opportunity to connect the community with a caring elected official concerned about their future success in our wonderful town. Taking an active role as mayor I implemented events for our community that put Millsboro on the map — a place others wanted to visit and participate in as well.

“Therefore, it is with much thought and discussion with my family that I have decided to resign from the Millsboro town council effective immediately,” she continued. “I strongly encourage my friends and neighbors to run for public office so they can learn the inner workings of government. I certainly have learned a lot.”

Town Manager Sheldon Hudson offered his best to Ms. Truitt.

“Certainly, we all wish her well,” he said.

Per the town’s charter, council Vice President Tim Hodges will act as council president, a position the town’s mayor would hold, Mr. Hudson said.

“It does look like, in the short term, that Tim will be chairing the meetings and filling those duties. My expectation right now is that Tim will be occupying the role,” he added.

After a series of council terms that included as vice mayor (council vice president), Ms. Truitt was selected mayor by council colleagues in July 2019, during council’s reorganization. She continued as mayor in 2020 and retained the reins in 2021.

Thelma Monroe was Millsboro’s first female mayor, serving from 1979-94.

Ms. Truitt was unopposed in a reelection bid in 2020. Her council term expires in 2023.

The resignation creates a vacancy on the town’s seven-person governing body, comprised of six council members and a mayor.

“As far as the game plan going forward, we’re still kind of figuring that out,” said Mr. Hudson. “Now, the question will be: Will council appoint someone to serve the balance of Michelle’s term? If so, how quickly will that happen? Her term wasn’t up until 2023.”

Mr. Hudson speculated that council would probably not undergo reorganization and select a mayor until July.

“I don’t expect a reorganization in mid-fiscal year or anything like that,” he said. “Certainly, my advice to them is going to be (to) take your time and get it right. Don’t rush it. It’s not like we can’t function with six for a while.”