Letter to the Editor: There are other ways to remember Confederate vets


Perhaps the point that people are missing is that when a Confederate flag is placed under glass inside a museum as part of a historical display about the Civil War, that is an appropriate historical display.

However, when a flag is currently being flown in public, it is no longer historical.

The Nutter D. Marvel Carriage Museum has taken a piece of history and is flying it in our faces as a constant reminder that the “war is not over.” In the same way, a Nazi swastika or a Ku Klux Klan flag being currently flown in public is not appropriate.

While I understand and approve of the remembrance of all veterans by their loved ones and their communities, I think there may be more appropriate ways to honor them in this case. Perhaps a Confederate medallion can be placed by their headstones to show they were Confederate veterans. A historical marker could be placed at the site, describing the Confederate cemetery. This would show that we remember their sacrifice for the cause they believed in but also that the war was lost long ago and should remain a part of history.

Ruth Ashby

Ocean View

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