Letter to the Editor: Regarding the environment, ‘the sky is not falling’


Maya van Rossum says we have 10 years to respond or … (“Environmental security requires green amendments,” July 27). Al Gore said we had 10 years to do something about the environment 25 years ago.

Contrary to what Maya and Chicken Little say, “the sky is not falling.”

True, Delaware has a bay and many rivers where you can’t eat the fish. I say this is thanks to DuPont. The climate is getting warmer, we all see that. Do we honestly believe we can change that?

Scientists have said that taking every gas and diesel vehicle off the road in North America will not change the climate, so exactly what is the plan? Less pollutants in the air will bring the temperature down? No. If the temperature gets hotter, why is that so bad?

How about we embrace the change? Sea levels will rise, and we are going to lose some dry earth. That has already been happening for the last 50 years or more. Just ask the residents of Tangier Island in Virginia.

But suddenly, we have only 10 years to deal with it. The “sky is falling” attitude has invaded the minds of some people. If we let these Chicken Little-thinkers take over, get ready for $10-a-gallon gas and rules and regulations that will effectively kill many businesses, including the housing industry because you can’t go green and put in a septic system.

How about we embrace climate change? Instead of Florida for a retirement destination, let’s do Alaska. It’s warming up in Alaska. And for those with oceanfront houses, I would sell now and move inland before you get washed away, because the climate chickens can’t save you.

Jay Pratt


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