Letter to the Editor: Is Delaware becoming California?


The midterm elections are over, and single-party rule in Delaware by the Democrats has gotten stronger. The Dems have increased their overall control of our state government, and retained the positions of attorney general, treasurer and auditor. The state has also returned our lone House representative to Washington to continue her rock-solid support of the Biden administration’s policies that are destroying this country.

With this solidified control of the state, what will the Democrats do next? Two pieces in this paper just prior to the election tell me that they will move our state to continue mimicking the thought processes of the Democrats ruling California. One commentary discussed the influx of more liberals into the state, and the other discussed the meetings planned on clean transportation initiatives.

A commentary by Dan Shortridge outlined his thoughts about how Delaware is becoming more progressive in its thoughts and actions. Given the outcome of the midterm election, he’s correct. A prime example of Mr. Shortridge’s comments is the newly elected senator from the 14th District — Kyra Hoffner. She believes in and will push for the concept of “what is a human right” by using housing as the “what.” The concept of a human right goes right to the socialistic idea that the government will take care of you from cradle to grave. Forget about individual responsibility and personal accountability — the two hallmarks of a capitalistic system. This socialistic concept takes precedence.

Also, in the 151st General Assembly, House Bill No. 198, An Act to Amend Title 14 of the Delaware Code Relating to Black History Education, was passed. That bill took effect with the 2022-23 school year and, in my interpretation, codifies the teaching of critical race theory and The 1619 Project. The real question is, how far left will the Democrats who control Delaware take the state in 2023?

One possible answer to that question is the article about the clean transportation initiatives. The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control and the Department of Transportation will continue to hold meetings concerning Delaware’s Climate Action Plan. Included in that plan is the state’s adoption of California’s Advanced Clean Cars II Program. If adopted by our now stronger Democratic legislature, they would add requirements for zero-emission vehicles for model year 2026 and beyond.

A zero-emission vehicle is an electric car. If our legislature adopts California’s program starting in 2026, what type of vehicle might we be forced to buy? President Joe Biden has already said that they are going to shut down all coal-fired plants in this country, and there isn’t going to be any more drilling for gas or oil.

I would like to think that our legislature will consider all Delawareans in their upcoming legislative session. However, given that they totally control the state government, if every Republican representative votes no on a bill, the Democrats have enough votes to pass virtually anything they want.

Our forefathers designed our nation to be a constitutional republic — one in which the opposition and smaller states always had a voice — why Delaware, like California, has two senators. However, when either a state or the country lives under single-party rule for long periods of time, the result is the belief and passage of ideas counterintuitive to the concept of a constitutional republic.

The far-left ideals promulgated in California have slowly crept across this great land of ours. Unfortunately, I do not believe Americans have gotten to the “I can’t take this craziness anymore,” as seen by the results of the midterm elections.

I do not believe our country (I am not so sure about our state) is that far away — 2024 is just around the corner — from the “I can’t take this craziness anymore” feeling erupting, and Democrats, along with their far-left ideas, are ushered out of power.

Retired U.S. Army Reserve Col. Frank Daniels


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