Letter to the Editor: Get citizens more involved in Nylon Capital redevelopment


As a nearly 30-year resident of western Seaford, I join with my neighbors and the rest of Seaford in applause for plans to redevelop the nearly derelict Nylon Capital Shopping Center (Nylon Capital).

To my way of thinking, the ultimate success/failure of the Nylon Capital endeavor hinges on the involvement of local citizens in real and meaningful ways. The current process does look promising, as developer Rob Herrera has asked for citizen input directed to his 9th Street Development Co. — a hopeful sign.

The city and we Seaford taxpaying citizens have a $3 million-plus stake in the project, and the city recently established a link for citizen input on the city’s website (see “News” on the town’s homepage at seafordde.com).

Along with this remedy, I strongly suggest that our Planning & Zoning Commission play a meaningful role in the project. “Planning” should be more than just the first name of the commission but should be an important aspect of their responsibilities for Nylon Capital. For example, planning could include evaluating meaningful citizen input, passing useful input to Mr. Herrera (and the mayor and City Council) and providing feedback to concerned citizens who have waited decades for change at Nylon Capital.

Some basic decisions about the development’s tenants have already been made, but these decisions should not preclude incorporation of other unique entities.

My personal suggestions are made with the thought of setting Seaford apart from other essentially similar surrounding communities and include business anchors Trader Joe’s and TJ Maxx/Marshalls/HomeGoods.

Not only could these additions make Seaford rather unique and different from other communities within 15-20 miles but also provide Seaford citizens unique benefits/opportunities for shopping to improve and upgrade the local economy.

From an overall perspective, this redevelopment project should strive to create an attractive and livable environment for residents and visitors alike, while reflecting significant citizen/community input.

Dan Cannon


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