Letter to the Editor: Assault weapon ‘designed to cause the most casualtes … has no reasonable recreational purpose’


“This is my country, grandest on earth” is a line from a patriotic song composed in the ’40s, an inspiration for my pride in being born in and a defender of this nation.

We are a great nation, even with our faults, which we know exist, as we continue to discuss and debate about them and then discuss them again.

We have major crises that are tearing at the core of our nation, which we must face, discuss and reason with to come to a sensible solution — but I digress before coming to the point.

We’ve constantly gone to foreign shores to correct the tyrannies forced upon the humanity of sovereign nations. We were not always successful in our endeavors, but we did our duties well, in unity and with honor. We performed these humanity-saving tasks because we worked in unity. In working in unity, we stuck to the point of what we could accomplish and what our goal was.

We are in deep discussions concerning the public safety of our nation and the illegal use of firearms. We have not been unified, and we have not moved toward a common goal. We have made up our minds that we are right, and we do not listen to possible agreeable solutions. We love our guns and have a long history of hugging and hanging on to them.

One major issue that sparks fire in our discussion of gun control and safety is the ability that nonmilitary or non-law enforcement people are able to obtain assault weapons. Yes, this is just one gun, and all guns can kill. We will always have lawful, legal gun owners in this country, and it is their right, as the Second Amendment states; however, the assault weapon is the only gun that needs to be regulated as far as its distribution is concerned. The assault weapon was designed to cause the most casualties and lethal wounds during an assault in combat, and it has no reasonable recreational purpose.

No one is coming for all of your guns, as it is declared in many debates, because in this country, the Second Amendment gives us the right to bear arms.

Sticking to the point: Let’s take the assault weapon(s) off the market and use the money saved by not purchasing that gun to buy gas.

Lester Gibbs


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