Delaware House passes bill legalizing adult possession of marijuana


The state House of Representatives voted Thursday to decriminalize recreational marijuana for Delawareans at least 21 years old. In a 26-14 vote, representatives passed House Bill 371. It will now head to the Senate for consideration.

Editor’s note: The Delaware Senate on Thursday voted 13 to 7 to pass House Bill 371, which now goes to the governor.

  • Only an uptight person with no knowledge has a problem with weed. — Kevin Maloney
  • More than 1 ounce is a still a misdemeanor. No, thanks. Send the bill back. — Christopher Joyce
  • Dude, no need to carry more than an ounce when you can get it any time you want. — Kevin Maloney
  • I could see him letting it pass into law unsigned after 10 days, but I seriously doubt he’ll veto it. — Andrew Martin
  • It won’t get past Carney. — Charlie Harper