Delaware Business Spotlight: Q&A with Esther Rich

By Logan B. Anderson
Posted 10/21/21

To celebrate National Women’s Small Business Month, the Delaware State News and are shining a light on female leaders in business.

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Delaware Business Spotlight: Q&A with Esther Rich


Esther Rich designs one-of-a-kind greeting cards at Special Touch Card Creations.

Tell us about your business.
I design and create beautiful greeting cards. I take the words from your heart and turn them into one-of-a-kind sentiments that touch the heart of your receiver.

What is unique about the services you provide?

What is unique about the services I offer are, you can go into your local retailer and read and read, never finding “the one” perfect greeting card. I personalize and customize each and every greeting card order I receive. For business owners, designing a card with their brand, image or brand colors, so that when their customer or client opens the envelope, they know immediately who the card is from. I also offer mailing services for my customers, taking the mailing worries off their shoulders.

How do you motivate yourself and stay motivated?

What motivates me and keeps me motivated is my faith in God. When my husband, Paul, planted the seed in 2016 to start my own business, God also sent someone to water that seed, since I had no idea how to begin the process of launching my own business. My business launched in August 2016, and I just celebrated my five-year anniversary. My faith and belief in God are my daily motivation.

What piece of advice would you give other women in small business?

The advice I would give other women in small business is never quit and have joy in your journey.

What resources/professional development/networking opportunities have you found helpful?

When I worked my life job, I worked for the commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of Public Welfare for 32 years. When I turned 40, I really began thinking about my future and moving up in the department. I was a supervisor for six years and a manager for four years and retired in 2005. Those life lessons — interacting with and supervising up to 30 staff — really prepared me to be the business owner I never knew I would become. In 2011, I joined my first multilevel marketing business. I did not make a whole lot of money, but reading “Think and Grow Rich,” trainings, conventions and many meetings helped me to understand my next customer. Being a part of the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce for five years, their ambassador for four years and now being a member of the Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce for two years and their ambassador for one year, I can confirm that networking is the No. 1 resource for building your business.