Dalleo: Effort to thwart no-excuse absentee voting ‘shocking’


The recent news that state House of Representatives Republicans had blocked the effort to provide no-excuse absentee voting has shocked me. Though I’m aware that national Republicans work every day on voter suppression tactics, I hadn’t expected Delaware Republicans to follow this alarming trend. Providing safe and fair election regulations is, for me, a source of pride; we’re a leading democratic country in a fraught world. Every citizen eligible to vote ought to find it convenient and easily accessible to vote. No-excuse absentee voting provides an opportunity to many people who might otherwise have difficulty getting to the polls on Election Day. As a senior, I know firsthand that I cannot predict if I’m going to be “able-bodied” on any given day and would like the option to vote by mail, assuring that I cast my ballot.

Republicans hide behind the claim that the Delaware Constitution requires that voting is on one day only and in person. They are reluctant to be part of a two-thirds majority needed to change the constitution to a more inclusive enfranchisement. Republican Reps. Mike Smith of Pike Creek and Mike Ramone of Newark are even more cynical in their assault on voting rights, since they originally voted in favor of changing this constitutional dilemma and now refuse to vote in its favor for the second time. Delaware constitutional law requires a favorable two-thirds vote in two successive legislative sessions. Will Delaware remain out of step with most modern democracies in refusing to address this most basic voting right?

Bruce Dalleo


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