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Cheswold police chief Workman loves working for Eagles


CHESWOLD - He’s employed by the Philadelphia Eagles and living his football dream at each of their home games.

Chris Workman, the kid who grew up idolizing the Birds and watching them with his dad every Sunday, now provides stadium security.

Cheswold’s police chief is in his sixth year working at Lincoln Financial Field on game days and loving every minute of it.

The Eagles and their 14-3 record heading into the Super Bowl against the Kansas City Chiefs on Feb. 12 are easy to enjoy these days.

Being at the last two playoff game blowout wins over the Giants and 49ers was an especially rewarding experience, Mr. Workman said.

“It’s a crazy, fantastic atmosphere,” he said. “There’s no way to describe what the playoffs are like.

“Philly is still Philly in the regular season and the crowd was already crazy. The fans are great and they’re loud. We have a great home field advantage.”

When it comes to the postseason, however, “The playoffs are a different animal,” Mr. Workman said.

“Sunday (against the 49ers) was so loud. I think it was louder than it was in 2018 when they won the NFC Championship,

“It was crazy loud and the excitement was really there. They got to the game early and just seemed to have a really great time.”

Amidst all the revelry, Mr. Workman of course has a job to do. He provides security as visiting teams and officials arrive at the stadium, and enforces credentialed access to areas throughout an event.

Mr. Workman is mostly stationed near the visiting team’s locker room and their tunnel out to the field.

Every game is special for the Chester, Pa. native, who was the first in his family to take dad Rodger to a game in 1993. His dad died three days later due to a heart attack.

“I can tell you that back when they won the Super Bowl it was a very, very emotional moment for me being on the field (in the 2017 season) because I watched it all the time with my dad,” he said.

“We always wanted them to win and when they did he was with me there in spirit.”

Also, Mr. Workman said, “The Eagles have just always tied into what I do.”

And what does the man who has been in close proximity with the Eagles all season think of their chances against the Chiefs?

“I think they have a very, very, very good shot,” he said. “They are they are a very motivated and intense team.

“I think they know where they want to go and what they want to do.

“I don’t watch a lot of that pregame stuff and I don’t read a lot of the Twitter stuff or any of that because even though I’m a fan I just don’t get into it.

“Luckily I have the opportunity to see them on the field every week when they’re at home and of course watch them on TV when they’re not.

“But I think they’ve got a great shot and I’m even more optimistic than when they won in 2018 because I think they have a really complete team this and they’re healthy.

“So I’ll be there (at my home) Sunday watching and hoping they do it.”

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