goes online Tuesday

Delaware State News
Posted 2/14/21

DOVER — The Delaware State News is expanding its digital menu.

On Tuesday, we are launching

We are growing our content offerings beyond Kent and Sussex counties to include …

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DOVER — The Delaware State News is expanding its digital menu.

On Tuesday, we are launching

We are growing our content offerings beyond Kent and Sussex counties to include most of Delmarva.

When you arrive at the website, you will see a bold, modern design and links to much more content.

One thing will remain: our familiar sunrise icon.

“We are thrilled to introduce you to — our brand-new website, which starting Tuesday replaces,” said Delaware State News Publisher Darel La Prade.

“As you explore, you will soon see the new site sports a lot more than a better presentation, snappy graphics and a sharper design.”

The navigation has been vastly improved so that the news you want most is now readily available by clicking a specific topic or the name of a county. Finding what you want has never been easier.

You will find much more news and information, too — stories from all over the world and nation, along with the same top-quality, hyper-local news you were used to reading on our old site – there is just more of it now than ever before.

The Delaware State News will be teaming up with staffs from our sister publications on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The extended network of trusted reporters and correspondents in Delaware and Maryland will allow you to keep up to date on important developments in the county, city or town where you live and at the same time to follow the important stories in nearby communities that could have profound consequences for you, your family, and neighbors.

All of us here on Delmarva are, after all, interconnected, and when you consider the challenges faced by our region as a whole — namely, water quality, a growing threat from floods, welcoming Spanish speakers to both the schools and the workplace, transportation infrastructure, and so much more — you quickly realize that neither problems nor opportunities end at county or state lines.

“We have set a lofty goal for ourselves and for, because it is our intention to use our new website to provide readers and supporters with a quintessential news source that covers all of Delmarva, from the northern border of Delaware south to Virginia, and from the Chesapeake Bay Bridge east to the Atlantic,” said Mr. La Prade.

“To do this, we will be adding more content from regional news services, local columnists and, most importantly, from you, our readers. We promise to pay special attention to our online opinion pages, where we plan to offer lots more relevant and thoughtful commentary.”

If we are to accomplish this goal, the site will require ongoing development and continuous improvement. To oversee this important work, Brooke Schultz has assumed the role as our first-ever web and social media editor.

Since she joined the Delaware State News in November 2019, as our schools and education reporter, Ms. Schultz has fully embraced our company’s values and our commitment to nonpartisan journalism. She has exercised excellent news judgment and demonstrated the ability to work collaboratively with our other editors, reporters and photographers.

In her new position, Ms. Schultz will not only lead a “digital now” approach to producing and publishing news on, but she will also lead a new reporting initiative made possible by the launch of the site.

Working with our other editors, Ms. Schultz will identify salient “regional” stories that cut across the communities served by She will then coordinate the coverage and publishing of these big stories that potentially affect all of Delmarva. is a product of INI Delmarva, publishers of the Delaware State News, Salisbury Independent, Crisfield-Somerset County Times, Dorchester Banner, and a long list of specialty publications.

If you have suggestions on how we can improve this website, please contact Brooke at