Bailey: America can do better than Donald Trump


The day after watching the presidential debate, I called my mother-in-law. I commented to Mom that Joe Biden hadn’t debated well. Mom said that, at 84, she had good and bad days, but that was something she dealt with — she didn’t let an off day affect her ability to get things done.

I voted for Gary Johnson in 2016. When Donald Trump won, I hoped that I had misjudged his abilities to lead; however, I soon realized that I had not misjudged his character, and he failed in his ability to govern. In my opinion, he will be remembered as the worst president in United States history. During the debate, Trump said, “Our veterans and soldiers can’t stand this guy.” What I can’t stand is a liar, and Donald Trump excels at lying.

Mom’s advice to me going forward was to vote for Joe Biden in November; to donate what I can to Joe Biden’s reelection campaign; and to talk to people about why I think Joe Biden should be reelected. I will follow Mom’s sage advice because I truly believe that convicted felon Donald Trump is a danger to the American people and, if elected, would be the demise of our American democracy.

I respect President Biden as our commander in chief and trust that he will do the right thing when a difficult decision must be made. Please join me in my support of Joe Biden to continue to lead our nation with wisdom and compassion.

Mary K. Bailey

U.S. Navy veteran, E6


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