Anglers come to the rescue at White Marlin Open


OCEAN CITY — Competitors became rescuers on Monday, when the crew of the “Fishbone” heard that a boat was sinking during the White Marlin Open. The annual event brings anglers and their vessels to Ocean City and its offshore areas every summer.

Sara Stafford posted online, “Heard on the radio a boat was sinking, Coast Guard was coming. We didn’t see anyone, we probably weren’t near them. Got their coordinates, reeled in everything and 3,100 horsepower full speed ahead, went and realized how close we were.”

The crew went into action when they arrived, and found the victims in a life raft, all wearing life vests. Their boat was still on the surface, but barely — only the bow was visible, blowing air and spray and the craft took on water.

“They lost the fight on a blue marlin, they lost their boat and their personal belongings and fishing gear, but we did save them! And their beer,” Ms. Stafford wrote. “So we fed them and added a few to our amazing team for the day...terrifying and wonderful all at the same time. So glad everyone is safe. Captain William Chapman is a hero! Let’s go “Fishbone”.

“Well done. Every captain knows how that would have felt,” Dan Eddie posted online. “The good, the bad, the ugly but they have their lives. Can’t replace that. That’s a hell of a captain on that sinking boat. Had his entire crew in life jackets on the raft. Not an easy task. Respect to all.”