Letter to the Editor: Reader roasts response to recent Mar-a-Lago warrant, search


I hired a contractor to do work on my house. He seemed to do good work; however, I later chose to change to another contractor. A year after the first contractor left, I noticed that some of my property was missing. I contacted him about the missing items. So he returned some of my items. It was then I realized he had not returned all of my property. Some dealt with very sensitive things, i.e., financial, personal, security.

I asked about returning the remaining items, as my concern was these being used to my peril. He said not to worry, he canceled all of the credit cards. I contacted my bank, and they said they had no record of that.

After a year-and-a-half, I had my lawyer send him a letter of demand, which he ignored. So I contacted the local authorities, who executed a search warrant for the return of my property.

He then told my neighbors that I had the police do an illegal raid of his home. Now, half of my neighbors hate me and accuse me of using tactics of a police state. I have been receiving death threats and have a real concern for what is the rule of law in America today.

Bob Skocik


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