Letter to the Editor: Clearing up the IRS funding, Mar-a-Lago raid


In response to comments in a recent Letter to the Editor (Inflation Reduction Act raises reader’s doubts, Aug. 30): The $80 billion in new IRS funding is to fill open jobs, to cover approximately 50,000 IRS employees retiring in the next few years and to modernize systems to improve the handling of returns. No armed agents with AR-15s.

The writer’s referral to the Department of Justice and FBI as Gestapo-like because they raided Donald Trump’s home shows a lack of understanding of the Gestapo and what is required to get a search warrant in America. The effort came only after months of failing effort to get materials from Mr. Trump.

The warrant was very specific as to the materials the FBI was looking for and, guess what, they found it in Mar-a-Lago — classified material in unsecured areas, material so sensitive that, if in the wrong hands, could get someone killed. The legal system protected Mr. Trump’s rights as our rights would be protected. He carries no special rights as a former president.

A question: What did Mr. Trump plan on doing with all that material? Did he perhaps view it as insurance? One can only speculate.

Patrick Weaver


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