Letter to the Editor: Can the Inflation Reduction Act really reduce inflation?


On the news, I only heard about three items in the Inflation Reduction Act. One was money to go to solar and environment, for Medicare to look to lower drug costs and, third, to lower medical premiums for those on the Obamacare marketplace.

Now, think about that for a moment! How is any of that going to stop inflation?

First, why does affordable medical insurance from the marketplace help with people’s premiums? It’s supposed to be affordable already!

If you’re going to help with medical insurance premiums, everyone that’s paying them should be helped. We are not classified as marketplace or affordable. For years now, the government has been paying more on their premiums, so looking at that, the insurance isn’t affordable, is it?

If you really wanted to reduce inflation, why not put a cap on fuel? All fuels, as that is what drives up all products. Raising the interest rates doesn’t help anyone but the rich and banks, and those of us that have had to rely on having to put stuff on our cards to make ends meet over the last year-and-a-half are now burdened with more inflation to pay for the stuff that was already inflated.

Now that they can’t fix our inflation problems, they want to get involved with the airlines. Everyone already knows you’re going to pay for baggage and fees. It’s as if he’ll say, “Hey, look what I (the president) did for the people. I (the president) have made the airlines show you your costs upfront. It only took me two years to accomplish this, and you’re welcome.”

Marvin Fortney


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