And the survey says.... Greater Crisfield Action Coalition releases consumer survey results

Janes Island State Park, waterfront seafood restaurants and a wide-ranging farmers' market score high


CRISFIELD — An online survey posted by the Greater Crisfield Action Coalition on consumer preferences showed that among the 228 respondents 69% answered that their favorite full-service sit-down restaurant and bar would feature local seafood.

Close behind with 64% were those who also endorsed steak and seafood.

Of the 18 choices listed — of which voters were asked to check as many that apply — 54% selected Mexican with “All types of Seafood” ranking fourth with 101 clicks or 44%.

For location, a restaurant with a “Waterfront view” earned 91% of all votes followed by “Casual with outside dining options” (86%). A restaurant with a “Sunset View” earned checkmarks from 75% of those taking the poll which was posted for 30 days, ending April 8.

GCAC solicited the input of Crisfield residents, property owners and visitors. It was intended to determine what is important to the people who live and play in Crisfield. In addition to dining preferences, it covered recreational activities, accommodations and services.

The findings will be used to help support future revitalization and economic development efforts. GCAC President Frances Martinez Myers said the information is being shared to that those who are working to help Crisfield thrive will “have the voice of the consumers and businesses in mind.”

“GCAC fully intends to use this information in our strategic plans and when soliciting investor and developers to the area. Hearing from the people who live here and vacation here is important to both the consumers and the businesses who are already hear or thinking about coming here.”

When it comes to accommodations, a full-service hotel with a full-service restaurant and bar earned 107 out 228 votes for 47% with a hotel and conference center with meeting and banquet space close behind at 101.

There were 25 choices in the question “Retail Services & Shopping Ventures” with “Farmer’s Markets” offering a variety of local vegetables, meats, seafood, baked goods and leading the field with 72% of the votes. That was followed by “Fresh Seafood” (55%), “Bakeries” (54%), “Bait & Tackle Shops” (51%) and “Gift Stores” (47%).

Sixth on the list was “Resort Clothing Store” with 44%.

Janes Island State Park was the top ranked recreational option among 62% of the 228 respondents followed by Somers Cove Marina (54%), Wellington Beach (50%), and the Crisfield to Marion hiker/biker trail (46%) followed.

As for what locals and visitors do for recreation 169 of the 228 (74%) checked that they were boaters, enjoyed fishing (65%) or ran, jogged or walked (59%). Close behind were those who were cyclists (50%) or swimmers (48%).

If Crisfield was to introduce a new recreational venue or service a boardwalk was the majority favorite by 57% of all voters. That was followed by mini-golf (53%), a water taxi service (52%) and a full-service fitness gym (50%).

In all there were 13 choices in this category with a water park and movie theater cracking the 100 total with 102 and 100 votes respectively out of 228 answers submitted.

“We found some of the results clearly echoed already expressed desires and comments and we also saw some surprises too, especially in how they ere prioritized,” said GCAC Vice President Donnie Drewer.

“We thought the respondents were very straight forward and clear about the things they wanted. The best part, many of the things identified are really not that difficult to accomplish and it is our intent to bring forward these ideas and concepts.”

GCAC is a 501(c)(3) community development corporation. While promotion of a hotel-conference center has been one of its signature efforts since its formation in 2015 it has been involved with several initiatives ranging from training front-line hospitality workers to this summer staring its first Youth Entrepreneurial Program. Visit for more details.