Letter to the Editor: Reader says Biden is not the right 2024 candidate


Quite candidly, I was hoping Joe Biden would just run away! Hasn’t he done enough to hamper America’s way of life, success and future?

China must be extremely pleased at his intended 2024 announcement as it could means the fulfillment of China’s goal to become the most powerful nation in the world. President Xi Jinping is following Mao Zedong’s 100-year marathon, which will be completed in 2049. The way it looks now, their goal will be achieved in fewer years than at first anticipated, with Biden helping to accomplish China’s endeavors.

Biden is never able to address any Chinese detrimental commentary. Why is that happening? Is it possible Biden fears that China may retaliate with dangerous information concerning allegations of Biden family income from the People’s Republic of China? Any harmful Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian or Iranian statements may produce dangerous information received and utilized by adversarial nations. As American vice president, did Joe Biden receive illegal financial gains from these nations? If so, Biden would protect that info at all costs to America’s national security and successful future, which have been damaged by the Biden administration’s deadly programs.

Biden’s edict that America must move to electric vehicles as a lifesaving environmental policy excludes gas-fueled vehicles, destroying our ability to make individual choices on electric or fuel-sourced vehicles. Electric vehicles suffer from limited charging locations, and an electric vehicle ain’t cheap. The $7,500 tax credit incentives do not solve this problem.

We need to be the world’s No. 1 fuel source again. Americans must always be able to make critical choices affecting their lives. No governmental requirements are acceptable. Free choice has always been what has made America the most powerful nation in the world. Biden’s past years have destroyed our future efforts. We need a major elimination in American progressive policies.

Return our country to greatness. Biden is not the president (or 2024 candidate) to accomplish this overwhelming task. Return America to greatness! His stamina and age are disadvantages to America’s prosperity and security. Biden’s capability and vigor indicate no advantage to America in the tumultuous world we now reside in. America deserves the best. We need to return to our position of greatness atop the world!

May God always bless the United States of America!

Beverly E. Monahan


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