Speak Up: Delaware officials push booster doses amid COVID surge


State officials are cautious about another surge in COVID-19 cases, as Delawareans gather for the holidays and spend more time indoors during the winter.

The state is encouraging booster doses for those who are eligible and first doses for those who have yet to receive one. Gov. John Carney said he’d like to avoid any mask mandates or gathering limits this winter.

  • Oh, please, find something else to report on. — Beth Reed Jacobs
  • Did you comment on the ballet story? — Dale Bert
  • Who cares? Numbers are incorrect! — Beth Reed Jacobs
  • So then, the “vaccine” does not work? — Marc Auger
  • You don’t know how vaccines work then. — Dale Bert
  • It works great. — Charlie Harper
  • Polio vaccine: prevents from getting polio, stopped the spread of polio, stopped the death from polio. It didn’t wear off or require a booster. COVID vaccine: can still get COVID, can still spread COVID, can still die from COVID. Requires boosters. Can you see the massive differences now? The COVID jab is more like a flu shot and not a vaccine. — Marc Auger
  • So 1.) You don’t seem to understand there are different types of viruses, and 2.) You have little understanding of how immunology actually works, and 3.) Like I said before, you don’t know how vaccines work then. — Dale Bert
  • Have a nice day and enjoy those three-times to five-times-a-year shots; the rest of us are moving on with life and away from this nonsense. — Marc Auger
  • State will just destroy the stats by mistake. — Margaret Mclaughlin
  • Meanwhile, I watch 10-15 airplanes fly over my home daily. — Donna Lea

Delaware’s unemployment rate trending down

Delaware’s unemployment rate continues to trend downward, according to data released by the Delaware Department of Labor.But the job market has not recovered to where it was before the pandemic.

As presented in the October Monthly Labor Review, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for October was 5.3%. Still, in February 2020, Delaware’s unemployment rate was 4.5%.

  • Thank you, President Biden! — Gary Greer
  • Yes, thank you for your inflation, Joe Biden. — Robert Paul
  • I’m just trolling you all who used to say that about that guy who’s still crying about losing the election. — Gary Greer
  • Has not recovered to where it was before Gov. Carney destroyed an already lagging economy. — Jonathan Contant
  • When will the unemployment office ever pay a claim, rather than tell people their case is under review? — Bob Hice
  • Yet another Democrat failure. — Robert Paul
  • Of course it hasn’t. The state is focusing on tax income from commuters, who just happen to live here. They are putting no effort into making Delaware an attractive place for business outside of low-paying service jobs. — Jake Phil