Speak Up: Delaware hospitals enter into crisis mode, Round 2


Several Delaware hospitals entered Crisis Standards of Care protocols recently to address the “unprecedented demand for hospital and health care services.” Crisis Standards of Care are used in times of emergency to guide decision-making when the demand for care surpasses the available resources, and contingency strategies designed to maintain conventional processes of care have been exhausted, according to a press release by ChristianaCare.

  • While I will agree that the media does indeed do its fair share of fearmongering, if a large percentage of those admitted have tested positive for COVID, then, factually, that means the hospital is “full” of COVID patients, regardless of their original complaints. Let’s say, for example, instead of COVID, its chickenpox. For the sake of this argument, let’s also say it’s a 20-bed hospital. Now, 10 patients have come in complaining of food poisoning and are admitted to the hospital. However, when tested, it is revealed that they also have chickenpox. Five more patients come in and are admitted with strep throat but also test positive for chickenpox. Three more come in complaining of chickenpox and actually have it and are admitted. Finally, the last two have appendicitis and are admitted but test negative for chickenpox. Now, you have 18 out of 20 patients with chickenpox, meaning that the hospital is nearly full with chickenpox patients, in addition to (and regardless of) their original complaint. And even now that you know their original complaints, does it change the fact that they have chickenpox? No. So your attempt to own the media using this argument is weak. (And you calling it the “flu” doesn't change the fact that it’s still COVID, any more than calling it a “rash” changes the fact that it’s the chickenpox). — Gary Greer
  • And yet, a group against mask mandates is holding a meeting at the Greenwood Fire Department, counterproductive of any rule or directive. A simple requirement of wearing a mask to protect those around you seems to be beyond the grasp of people. The reason these hospitals are in such a bad way now is that people have gotten lax in their use of masks or even getting vaccinated. The hospitals are being overrun with unvaccinated people. If vaccines “do not work,” then why are those unvaccinated the preponderance of those in the hospital? There are “breakthrough” cases but those are minimal compared to everyone that will not get vaccinated or wear a mask. — Dennis Norwood
  • Three vaccines and boosters ain’t working. What’s making that blue mask work? — Ryan Starr
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