Beebe welcomes director for Family Medicine Residency

Delaware State News
Posted 9/16/21

LEWES — As the Family Medicine Residency Program at Beebe Healthcare continues to take shape, Dr. Joyce Robert has joined as the program director.

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Beebe welcomes director for Family Medicine Residency


LEWES — As the Family Medicine Residency Program at Beebe Healthcare continues to take shape, Dr. Joyce Robert has joined as the program director.

Dr. Robert is a board-certified family medicine physician, and she received her medical degree from SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University's College of Medicine. She completed her training at Mount Sinai Downtown Residency in Urban Family Medicine.

Previously, Dr. Robert served as a core faculty member and adviser for the Harlem Residency in Family Medicine, as well as performance improvement chairwoman and Transitional Year Residency Program director, all with Mount Sinai.

She was also assistant professor at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and was an integral member of the Admissions Committee.

“This is an exciting moment to introduce Dr. Robert to Team Beebe and the Sussex County community,” Dr. David A. Tam, president and CEO of Beebe Healthcare, said in a prepared statement. “This is the next step in developing a family practice residency program that will improve access to high quality, innovative and culturally sensitive care for our growing and evolving community. This program has great potential and I am excited to see Dr. Robert take the helm of the first-year class.”

At Beebe, Dr. Robert will be working with a team to create the curriculum and process for Beebe’s Family Medicine Residency.

“With Dr. Robert’s experience in Medical Education, we are excited to be able to offer top tier training for Family Medicine doctors. This, in addition to Beebe training Medical School students, makes Beebe Healthcare and Sussex County a destination for medical training,” said Dr. Jeffrey Hawtof, director of provider IT and medical education for Beebe.

The goal of the program is to train the next generation of high-quality and competent physicians in all aspects of family medicine, who will hopefully choose to practice medicine in southern Delaware. The program will develop an innovative curriculum, as well as instruct, train and motivate students and residents of all levels.

“We are excited to be welcoming Dr. Robert to Beebe to lead the Family Medicine Residency,” said Tanya Ray, administrative director for graduate medical education at Beebe Healthcare. “We are currently working on the program application with the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), the national organizational that accredits all residencies and fellowships in the US. This accreditation is the vital step in development of the program. We will be welcoming our first class of residents July 2023.”

Dr. Robert will also be seeing primary-care patients at Beebe Family Practice Long Neck. She has a deep commitment to the advancement of family medicine education and continuous quality improvement of patient-centered care.

“I came to Beebe to help train the future of Family Medicine,” said Dr. Robert. “I am thrilled to serve as the inaugural Program Director of Beebe Healthcare Family Medicine Residency Program. I believe in Beebe’s mission and vision to encourage healthy lifestyles and preventative medicine. I have a strong commitment to the advancement of Family Medicine education and community healthcare. My philosophy on patient care is to give compassionate and high-quality care to everyone who seeks care. I am also a big advocate for reduction in healthcare disparities.”