Yarn & Bone brings the love to pets in Camden, Dover locations

By Mike Finney
Posted 7/26/21

DOVER — When it comes to pampering pets and finding nutritional food for their fur buddies in Kent County, Yarn & Bone Pet Supply Company has local pet lovers covered twice over.

Matthew …

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Yarn & Bone brings the love to pets in Camden, Dover locations


DOVER — When it comes to pampering pets and finding nutritional food for their fur buddies in Kent County, Yarn & Bone Pet Supply Company has local pet lovers covered twice over.

Matthew Moorefield and Michael Morris, co-founders and owners of the business, moved their Camden store from its original location behind the Camden Redner’s to the site of a former PetValu at 374 Walmart Drive near the Camden Walmart last January.

They also spread their wings recently and decided to open a second location at 55 Greentree Drive in the Greentree Shopping Center in Dover, also at the former site of a PetValu store.

“After moving our original store location from where we opened six years ago to our new location into a former PetValu near the Camden Walmart in January of this year, we were looking to open a second location,” Mr. Moorefield said. “The property owner for Greentree Shopping Center reached out to us and encouraged us to tour the former PetValu location that closed in December (2020) at his shopping center.

“Everything lined up and we were able to open there with minimal remodeling cost, so we took the leap.”

Mr. Morris said the new location in Dover will feature a couple of different twists.

“We’re super excited to now offer small animal and reptile food and supplies, an expanded freezer section for raw diets, supplements and frozen treats and, coming soon, our new pet bakery offering specialized birthday cakes and more at our Dover location,” he said.

Fortunately for Mr. Moorefield and Mr. Morris, pet supplies have been in great demand throughout the COVID-19 pandemic which had many people working from home alongside their pets.

“In the beginning of the shutdown, pet supply was considered essential, so we didn’t have to shut down, but we did go curbside and home delivery only for the first six months,” said Mr. Morris. “Plus, the number of households adopting dogs skyrocketed during the pandemic, so we were seeing an influx of new clients.”

Not only does the Yarn & Bone Pet Supply Company have a unique name, but it also offers several unique products — many of them local.

“Obviously, many people know us for our self-serve bathing stations and our grooming services. We also have a collection of Delaware-made and crafted products and treats,” Mr. Moorefield said, “whether it be Tailbangers decorated treats out of Millsboro, Oxford’s Sew and Sew leashes and collars from Milford, Charlie’s biscuits out of Magnolia and Junior’s jerky treats from Wilmington to name a few.

“Our new Dover store will soon have a pet bakery that will be making custom birthday cakes and treats. The other thing that sets us apart is our employees. It always helps to have great employees that love pets and are knowledgeable. Not only did we have our current staff, but we were able to layer on some of PetValu’s talented staff and a few new hires.”

Mr. Morris said that the pain that he and Mr. Moorefield endured when Bella, their chocolate lab, suffered from severe irritable bowel syndrome gave them the idea of opening a store which offered more nutritional food options and unique offerings for pets.

A number of veterinarians and others recommended many different foods that might have helped or fixed the issue that Bella was experiencing, but nothing prescription-based or offered in pet specialty shops seemed to make a difference.

“We started doing research and found some brands that we wanted to try, but weren’t offered locally,” said Mr. Morris. “We also had been to a couple stores outside of Delaware in our travels that had self-serve bathing stations and the Dover area didn’t have anything six years ago.

“So, we decided to open a pet store that carried only products we would give our pets and that is how Yarn and Bone Pet Supply was born.”

Working in a pet store is the dream of many a youngster. What could be better than to be surrounded by animals all day? Nothing, according to Mr. Moorefield.

“The best part is being able to bring your fur kids to work and being able to try new products with them,” he said.

With all the excitement of a new location in Dover, can another Yarn & Bone Pet Supply Company be far behind?

“We never say never,” Mr. Morris said. “A year ago, I would have definitely never have thought our flagship store would be in a new location and I definitely wouldn’t believe you if you told me we had a second location in the Greentree Shopping Center in Dover.”