Tubman’s childhood home site discovered


CHURCH CREEK — The site of the home of Ben Ross – Harriet Tubman’s father – has been found in Dorchester County. Harriet Tubman would have lived there as a child in the 1840s.

State officials, including Lt. Gov Boyd Rutherford, announced the finding at the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center.

Maryland Department of Transportation archaeologists worked at the site — a remote part of Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge — in the fall and earlier this spring, unearthing coins, plates, buttons, draw pulls, and bricks from the home. One of the coins is from 1808, the year that Tubman’s parents were married.

The area of the home site is currently open only seasonally for hunting. However, there are plans being discussed to develop an interpretive trail to the site.

The artifacts will now go to the Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory and eventually will be on display at the Harriet Tubman State Park and Visitor Center.