Town Square: COVID-19 stimulus and bipartisanship


Town Square is an opinion column to which readers can submit their views. As a true community newspaper, we’re always looking for ways to include local thought and pertinent viewpoints. This column is a way to share those thoughts. Civility and fair comment will always prevail. Governor Larry Hogan announced a Maryland COVID-19 stimulus package last week. He said state officials, Republicans and Democrats, cooperated to achieve this, while urging lawmakers from both parties in Washington to cooperate for a federal version. SMARTER: I disagree with him quite often, but he has been smarter about COVID policy that other Republican governors across the country. NEED FOR COMPROMISE: We (Republicans and Democrats) have to work together. It’s like a marriage or raising children. It’s never perfect but you listen to each other and come up with the best plan, sometimes compromising. FEAR OF COMPROMISE: It’s really not a marriage though. Because of party primaries and intense gerrymandering, bipartisanship would literally lose them their jobs. CHILDISH: Quit pointing fingers and arguing for your party. It’s not only toxic, but juvenile and simple minded. Love thy neighbor, even if you disagree. Instead, judge your politicians on their merits, not their chosen party.

DEMS’ AGENDA: The Democrats have one agenda: Cancel everything and everyone that doesn’t agree with their narrative. WORK FOR CITIZENS: They both have hard headed politicians who need to stop fighting amongst themselves and fight for the people. PRAISE FOR HOGAN: It is nice to see a leader lead and interact with your constituents. Thank you for all you do. MODERATION: He is a moderate Republican, in the image of the old Northeast Republicans. Town Square - your public forum - is moderated by Dorchester Banner Editor Dave Ryan. Email your comments to