Town Square: Considering re-opening


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NEW NORMAL: With several states going nuts not following safety protocols, I’m afraid of a huge increase in COVID-19 cases. Please keep Maryland safe. I am immune compromised and haven’t been able to get the vaccine yet. I think we will have to redefine “normal”.

STAY SAFE: Please don’t follow the other states by opening everything 100 percent and lifting mask orders, because our hospitals have gone through enough. Those who don’t work in a hospital don’t see nor understand what’s it’s like. Keep Maryland strong.

CHOICES: Many chose to make it worse in the name of personal freedom. “Because I don’t want to” is not a rational reason.

SINGLE SOURCE: Now where is the single-source vaccine appointment on-line application? It is a mess right now to find an appointment. Think of what it is going to be like once the process is opened up to all Marylanders. Why not contact a company like TicketMaster to help with this much needed application?

SPIKE: I’m not expecting hospitalizations to stay low for long, especially with Easter right around the corner, not to mention St. Patrick’s Day.

MORE VISITS: We need to open up person-to-person visits in congregate care settings. I see nothing from CDC when both the resident and visitor are vaccinated. These people are lonely and dying mentally if not physically. We miss our old parents and friends. Can the Maryland Department of Health do something? The dementia patients are at greatest risk, they do not understand FaceTime. Help us, Governor Hogan!

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