Local farming means independence


Being on the proverbial “2022 Campaign trail,” I have found throughout the farming community that there is much concern regarding how to preserve the rural nature that is unique to Dorchester County, and how to increase awareness in the next generation in an effort to keep young people interested in farming for many generations to come.

It’s essential that our community continue these efforts for many reasons: Quality local food equals good health and as the saying goes, “health is wealth.” There are many job and career opportunities in the local growers’ community. 

In my experience at starting my own produce stand in Hurlock, I have found great satisfaction in connecting to nature, planting and harvesting my own produce off my own land. I have found that when young people experience the same satisfaction of growing/farming their own food and selling it, and sharing it with others, they also experience that same sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

In 2022, we face a burgeoning food shortage across this nation and around the world. There is no reason for our community, a farming community, to face hunger or food shortages.

It will be the next generation of young, local farmers that will keep our wealth in the community and improve the quality of life in Dorchester and surrounding counties.

As we continue to face these new challenges of supply chain issues and severe weather events, it is local farmers who can keep the people fed. If we share the importance of understanding how to grow food with the community and its young people, more individuals will choose farming as their path. To remain a free and independent people, we must control our own food supply and not always rely on others - particularly, the federal government.

By doing this, we will preserve our rural county's pristine lands that people come from all over the country to enjoy. Most importantly, we will continue our legacy of farming while improving our local food supply. Working together as a community, we will continue to be free and independent.

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