Letter to the Editor: Shore officials urged to return donations to Rep. Harris


Throughout the last 10 years, Congressman Andy Harris has been a dangerous mix of ineffective and radical. During his entire tenure in office he has passed one bill, renaming a post office. However, where Harris has been dangerous is in the ideology he pushes. He has openly associated with White Nationalists like Chuck Johnson and Steve King.

He voted against funding for 9/11 first responders and rewarding the brave officers who defended the capital on Jan. 6. He also has pushed the big lie saying the election was rigged. These lies directly resulted in the insurrection and an attack on the very American ideals we hold near and dear.

Through it all the following local leaders have remained silent through these misdeeds and continued to support a man they know to be dangerous. We have no doubt that this is due to the large amounts of campaign contributions they have accepted from Andy Harris and his campaign.

Senator Mary Beth Carozza $10,725

Delegate Carl Anderton Jr. $5,000
Delegate Johnny Mautz $2,500
Senator Addie Eckardt $2,000
Delegate Chris Adams $2,000
Delegate Wayne Hartman $2,000
Wicomico Councilmember Nicole Acle $500
Delegate Charles Otto $500

Decency For District One calls on these representatives to return these donations, stand with our police and first responders, and commit to rejecting the radical politics of the insurrection.

Pat Muth
Co-founder, Decency for District One
Bel Air

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