Letter to the Editor: Food in Dorchester


I was surprised by the title in Ms. Windsor's column last week, "Finding food in Dorchester." While a stroll down memory lane regarding old restaurants was interesting, for many residents in Dorchester County, "finding food" means something entirely different.

So many people in our community struggle with food insecurity and for them, finding food means finding a local food pantry or other resource for food. With the reduction of SNAP benefits approaching and the rising cost of food at the grocery store, the struggle is enormous for many. Congress is considering reducing benefits even further which will impact many of our seniors, in particular.

At MidShore Meals til Monday, we believe access to food is a basic human right. While our primary focus is helping our school children, any resident of Dorchester County can come to our food pantry in Vienna or our other locations for food. If anyone needs help "finding food," please contact us at info@midshoremealstilmonday.org or call us at 443-225-6789.

Leslie Bishop

Founder and Chairman of the Board

MidShore Meals til Monday

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