Cornish Park Cleanup: Volunteers collect 50 bags of trash


CAMBRIDGE — Staff from Choptank RiverKeeper, city officials and volunteers spent their Saturday morning hard at work, beautifying Cornish Park. The park, near the intersection of Washington and Pine streets, is an important site for neighborhood gatherings, sports and activities.

But quite a bit of discarded waste had collected in and around the park, making it less welcoming and attractive. The Saturday crew aimed to remedy the situation with a few busy hours.

“A big thanks to this inspiring crew of community members who came out for the cleanup,” a statement from Choptank RiverKeeper said. “In slightly over an hour, we were able to collect 50 bags of trash from roadways, drainage ditches, on top of storm drains, forested areas, and anywhere this crew could get into.” Following the cleanup, community members spoke with elected officials, highlighted local hot spots of trash for future cleanups, and talked about solutions to the on-going problem of litter around the community.

“One interesting idea that surfaced was engaging with professional landscape companies to help clear the overgrown vegetation on vacant lots, where a noticeable amount of trash usually collects,” the statement said.

City Commissioners Lajan Cephas (Ward 2) and Chad Malkus (Ward 5) took part in the event. “Hopefully, we can create a culture where people clean up behind themselves,” Ms. Cephas posted online. “Thank you, everyone!”