Bethany United Methodist Church serves Crocheron

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Posted 1/26/21

Dorchester Banner/Dave RyanBethany United Methodist Church was built around 1940. CROCHERON — The Bethany United Methodist Church, originally the Bethany Methodist Episcopal Church, represents the …

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Bethany United Methodist Church serves Crocheron

Dorchester Banner/Dave Ryan
Bethany United Methodist Church was built around 1940.

CROCHERON — The Bethany United Methodist Church, originally the Bethany Methodist Episcopal Church, represents the only religious organization to serve the immediate environs of Crocheron at the south end of the peninsula of land known as Bishops Head. The formation of the Bethany Methodist congregation dates to 1890 when a small parcel of land was conveyed from Amos and Ruth C. Jones to church trustees, William H. Todd, William H. Langrell, Major A. Jones, William E. Powell, and George T. Pritchett.

The lot contained forty-four square perches. Similar to rural churches throughout Dorchester County, a school was sited next to the church.
A few months after the land for the church was conveyed, a half-acre parcel south of the church was conveyed by Amos and Ruth Jones to the Board of School Commissioners. The relationship of the church and school sited next to one another has survived intact due to the conversion of the school to a church hall in the mid twentieth century.

The Board of School Commissioners conveyed the school and a half-acre lot to the trustees of the Bethany United Methodist Church in July 1957. Also during the middle years of the twentieth century, the congregation financed the construction of a replacement church, built on an ell-shaped plan with modest references to the Colonial Revival style. The school follows a traditional form for one-room plan educational structures with its gable-front main elevation and six-over-six sash windows.

In other church news:
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The church is at 1312 Race St. Call 410-221-5104.
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Old Trinity Church has regular Sunday services on Sunday at 11 a.m.
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Mass is held at Refuge of Sinners (Minnette Mills Dick Hall) on Sunday at 8:30 a.m. Congregants are asked to follow health guidelines, including maintaining a distance of six feet from one another, and wearing masks.

The Spanish-language mass is being held at 6 p.m. on Sundays, with the same protocols.
St. Mary Star of the Sea has delayed its reopening until Refuge of Sinners enacts its safety protocols.
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Reverend Richard Prahl will preach Jan. 31 on Luke 3:1-20 & Luke 3:7-9, “Walking with Luke and Finding Jesus” – “Jesus’ Baptism.”
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Sunday school is 10 a.m. Wednesday Evening Service at 7 p.m. in the fellowship hall.
We are abiding by the CDC guidelines. Everyone is welcome! You will also find the service online – FaceBook;

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In-person service on Jan. 31. Eucharist service, 9 am. Presided by Rev. Canon Bernie Schroeder and Rev. Deacon Barbara Coleman.
Please wear a mask. CDC rules will be enforced. Graveside service for Charles Thompson in Christ Church graveyard after service.

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