Where is the leadership in this country?

Well, the death penalty was repealed (by the Delaware Senate), the immigration issue has not even begun to be resolved, and state benefits still go where they are used and abused. That’s certainly not saying a lot about our leaders and their ability to make the necessary changes this country needs to keep from going under. It is a sad state of affairs when convicted criminals are treated more humanely than their victims, illegals can come and take all and anything they want from this country, and generational welfare recipients still sit on their rumpuses doing nothing while the rest of working America foots the bill. Our voted-in leaders seem to have no clue, none whatsoever about how to fulfill their obligation to their positions. They leave the welcome mat open for anyone to enter this country, regardless of why they want to come. be it hardship in their own country, a dream of making a new life, or plotting to harm the American people. Who really knows? They still need to come in the right way, with due process. Prisoners are fed three squares a day, warmed in the winter, cooled in the summer, receive an education, have their own commissary, gym,; it’s a spa with bars, that’s all. Everyone does deserve a second chance, but career criminals, and heinous criminals, I beg to differ. A debt must be paid to society, not society paying for the crimes committed by those with no conscience or heart — which leaves the issue of state benefits. There are so many in dire need of the help the state has to offer to just to get by. on the other hand, there are those who do nothing at all to help themselves and have an expectancy that is not realistic in our eyes, but in theirs, it’s owed to them. Not true. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, that is capable of working, should. Many families have to work two and three jobs to try and make ends meet. Most of the time the ends are held by a thread, but they still put forth an effort. The amounts collected monthly by some state benefit recipients are astounding. Add to that more children brought into the mix by different fathers, children born in this country of illegals; the amounts can be staggering. And all at the expense of working Americans. Where do our veterans fit in? Why do they have to fight so hard to get help when they have already fought enough? They deserve the help yet, some of them and their families are homeless. Correct me if I’m wrong, but there is something definitely wrong about all of these situations. Yet, our elected leaders go about their daily business as if everything is alright with the world. Well, let me just rain on their parade a little bit. I do have a few suggestions, not that they will amount to anything, but here goes. Career criminals and illegals who are willing to take from this country and not give back should be sent to fight with our soldiers over in the Middle East. Upon their return, a prisoner’s time can be cut, or eliminated, and you can go on about your merry way. Aliens can obtain legal status upon their return after having fought for the nation they have illegally chosen to call home. Undeserving welfare recipients should be made to work for the benefits received monthly, (unless physically unable ), by cleaning our roadways that would be left undone with prisoners being sent to war. For petty crimes, the punishment should be selective but made as such the offender learns a lesson. These suggestions probably wouldn’t solve the whole problem, but perhaps it would put the fear of God in them, and maybe, just maybe, bring a little bit of morality back. Now, for child molesters, abusers, and animal abusers; send ‘em straight to the front lines. Better yet, give molesters a choice; castration or the front lines. There is no punishment harsh enough for criminals such as these. Too many young lives are ruined because of these monsters. And when they are sent to prison, they need to be put in the general population, not isolation. The crimes they commit do not warrant special treatment. At any rate, the leaders we have voted in, sparing a precious chosen few, have not done as they had promised when they were running for office. My heart goes out to those who really do try and are met with political obstacles at every turn. It’s a wide circle of bull manure that’s just keep spreading and getting wider. Leadership is in this country? Don’t make me laugh.

Debbie Hilton Felton

EDITOR’S NOTE: Delaware senators voted on April 2 to abolish the death penalty. The bill is awaiting a vote by the House of Representatives before further action can be taken.

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