Speak Up: Response to recent question and poll about highways


Speak Up: Response to recent question and poll about highways

The Delaware Department of Transportation is revamping the intersection of Milford-Harrington Highway and Deep Grass Lane/Killens Pond Road, where 43 crashes occurred in five years. Work is set to start to make the intersection into a four-way stop and add signs and warning lettering on the roads. Answer our poll below and comment on other intersections and roads you think need improvement.

Poll question: Do you think a four-way stop will improve safety at this intersection?
Responses: 33% yes, 17% no, 50% maybe.

  • I think it’s a great idea or at least a great start! I live on Killens Pond, closer to this intersection. It will help slow down the speed of traffic. I know the main problem with accidents here is because drivers go around turning traffic which you shouldn’t do at an intersection hitting cars turning onto Route 14 or hitting cars turning off Route 14! — Danielle K. Lisenbe
  • Paradise Alley Road and Route 13. Several deaths there over the years. The median needs to be gone, and people will have to U-turn to get onto Paradise Alley. Very, very dangerous. — Tara Turcotte-Leyanna
  • They think they have a lot of accidents there now, wait until this goes into effect. A circle would have been smarter. — Denise Cross
  • Route 12 and Canterbury intersection and the intersection at Canterbury and Andrews Lake Road. — Jen Maloney
  • So many major vehicle accidents on this road. Hope it helps. — Troy Ordiway
  • Police to control the speed limits on roads. — David Szelestei
  • Chestnut Grove Road and Forrest Avenue/Route 8, west of Dover. — April Hertzler Garthwaite

Despite ruling, abortion to remain legal in Delaware

The U.S. Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade Friday will not affect access to abortions in Delaware. For nearly 50 years, there had been constitutional protections for abortion across the nation. The ruling now means that abortion bans may be put in place in nearly half the states, the Associated Press reported.

Everyone seems shocked that the SCOTUS returned decision making to the people and the state legislatures. If our Delaware legislators were so convinced that the Constitution guarantees the right to abortion on demand, why did they pass this legislation years ago? If it is the desire of the people in Delaware to support a nationwide federal law legalizing abortion, rally to encourage Carper and Coons to sponsor such legislation in Washington. Bob Skuse

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