Speak Up: Is new legislation a solution to the state retiree Medicare issue?


Senate Bill 29, which seeks to increase the number of retirees on the State Employee Benefits Committee and create a Retiree Healthcare Benefits Advisory Subcommittee, was passed by the Senate and House, and has been signed by the govenor. New members will be appointed by House and Senate leadership and the governor. The bipartisan bill also requires meetings that allow public comment and sets a date of May 1 for the subcommittee to report findings and recommendations to the governor and General Assembly. What effect do you think this will have on the state retiree Medicare issue?

  • One should not mess with another person’s health care. The current group of people responsible for this are reducing their own future health care benefits. Once you lose something, you never get it back. — John Porter
  • The more “research” I do, the more I think that these kinds of plans are nothing more than scams. — Becky Evaristo
  • SB 29 is a continuation of the sham executed in 2022. First, bring charges against Carney and his minions for their conspiracy to defraud pensioners with the private, for-profit Highmark Medicare (Dis)advantage scheme. Irresponsible behavior by the General Assembly, elected and appointed officials, extending back to at least 2005 and leading to “unfunded liability” can be corrected only by responsible examination of alternatives. SB 29 is a poorly conceived, clear extension of past outrageous behavior. Appointing more like-minded people to the band of miscreants ensures a continued abuse of pensioner health care — that Medicare program that each was promised and paid for over decades of public service. — Edward Martin
  • If you contract cancer or any other major illness, is an Advantage plan going to be a death sentence for those on it? — Bob Smith
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