Speak Up: Gun clubs file lawsuit regarding assault weapons ban


The Delaware State Sportsmens Association and various gun clubs challenged the constitutionality of the state’s recently passed gun-control measures recently, as outlined in a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court.

The litigation, awaiting action in the court’s District of Delaware, seeks “injunctive and declaratory relief” for the passage of House Bill 450, which banned the sale of assault weapons following Gov. John Carney’s signature last month.

The association was joined in the suit by the Bridgeville Rifle & Pistol Club, The Delaware Association of Federal Firearms Licensees and the Delaware Rifle & Pistol Club, as well as individual members of each organization.

  • Keep fighting the good fight! — Scott Berry
  • Lawsuit will fail. We need gun control. — Merv Sparks
  • Why do you keep calling them assault weapons? Just like assault hammers and assault knives? What makes them assault weapons? — Bob Hice
  • Outstanding. Someone knows the crap that the liberals are trying to sell is totally against the Second Amendment. — Howard Gaines III
  • True and you know it. — Charlie Harper
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