Speak Up: Bill to make to-go alcohol sales permanent in Delaware gets initial approval


A measure created to help restaurants and bars during the COVID-19 pandemic may become a permanent law as a result of a recent House of Representative Administration Committee session.

  • Seems like an odd way to combat drunk driving. — Michael Forcade
  • Seems to me that it would do the opposite. You’re taking the alcohol to take home. Aren’t you more likely to be drunk behind the wheel if you’re consuming the alcohol at the establishment and then driving home? — Bekki Kalivoda
  • A bill to allow people to buy alcohol to transport it in their car. What could possibly go wrong?! — B.K. Smith
  • People can literally buy alcohol at a liquor store and do the same thing. If they want to drink that bad, it’s gonna happen with this bill or not. — McCalah Sayers Mills
  • No doubt, but making it easier, in my opinion, is irresponsible. — B.K. Smith
  • Should be continued forever! — Melinda Sansone Meding
  • I would just be happy if our bought-and-paid-for legislators would allow Delaware residents to buy boutique wines with home delivery that is controlled by signature and ID. — Bob Skuse
  • I would love to be able to get some wines I love delivered to my home without having to go and pick them up. Delaware is just so behind. — Matthew Mancari
  • Forget this! How about allowing grocery stores to sell alcohol? — Cindy Christiansen
  • Alcohol sales over constitutional carry. Oh, my God! — Howard Gaines III
  • But we still don’t want to legalize recreational, adult-use marijuana. — Christina Pruitt Wolfe