Letter to the Editor: Writer questions 32nd District candidate’s stance


Congratulations to Ms. Kerri Evelyn Harris for recently winning the Democratic primary for the 32nd Representative District.

After her win, I went on her website to see what her positions are; a voter should be educated on what the candidates stand for. Ms. Harris’ website seemed very vague and doesn’t really speak to specifics; so I did a Google search from her previous run against Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del., and I am wondering if these are still her positions?

In a Delaware Congressional Election 2018 Political Courage Test, Ms. Harris states that she supports banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, as well as supporting a 14-day waiting period for all firearm and ammunition purchases. The early duck season in Delaware is Oct. 21-29. If implemented, and a person’s shotgun broke, or they needed shotgun shells on Oct. 21, waiting 14 days would keep them from hunting. If someone is at the gun range, and their gun breaks, will they need to wait 14 days to get a replacement to protect their family? Will people need to horde ammunition and buy extra guns?

On Ms. Harris’ website, she says that she supports the military; yet, in the Political Courage Test, she says yes to a question on reducing defense spending. Is this still Ms. Harris’ position? Reducing the defense budget doesn’t seem very supportive, especially at a time when the Army has suggested their warfighters go on food stamps to feed their families, due to the current high inflation.

Ms. Harris also states in her 2018 responses that she does not support building the wall on the Southern border or requiring immigrants who are unlawfully in the country to return to their country of origin until they are eligible for citizenship. Is this still Ms. Harris’ position? Without a secure Southern border, how would Ms. Harris suggest we stop the flow of fentanyl, which is destroying our nation, or stop child sex trafficking?

The voters in the 32nd District need to know who they are voting for and where the candidates stand.

Thomas Hoever


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