Letter to the Editor: Writer is also offended by media generalizations, but from a different angle


Much like Mr. George Roof, I, too, am offended by media — in this case the right-wing — calling me names and painting me with a broad brush because I’m a liberal (“Gun owner responds to being painted ‘as something I’ve never been,” June 14).

“Why would the Delaware State News publish such an inflammatory letter as that written by Terrell A. Williams? To print such screed portrays the exact same bigotry he espouses to detest,” Mr. Roof wrote.

The answer is the same reason they publish your right-wing screeds. It’s called freedom of the press.

If Mr. Roof is “offended by bigotry in any form” and wants to point out organizations that are fomenting anger, I suggest he look at Fox News and other media outlets like it. I find they are very good at both of those.

Finally, Mr. Roof said, “Special groups with special interest always drape themselves in the flag, screaming for ‘equal rights,’ when, in effect, they seek ‘special’ rights given to them without the labors of earning them.”

Could this also apply to groups such as the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers, who wrapped themselves in the American flag as they assaulted the U.S. Capitol?

Steve Caporiccio


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