Letter to the Editor: SEDAC continuing work to improve Sussex County


I’ve spent a great deal of my life in elected and appointed politics, starting back in 1973, when I was appointed as the second Sussex County administrator. I came out of education as the then-principal of Woodbridge High School and began a career that has extended almost 50 years in politics. All of that is so much fluff, but I say it so you understand that I am not a stranger to the profession that we call politics.

I also say that because, as chairman of the Sussex Economic Development Action Committee, I have maintained a public, nonpolitical view when it comes to the committee’s positions. SEDAC is a nonpartisan organization, and its growing membership is made up of all political parties, all ideologies, left-, right- and moderate-thinking men and women. Today, it continues to be the best example of the “Delaware Way” as we all work together to do what is best for the people we represent, while understanding that the art of politics is really the ability to compromise.

Our diverse membership continues to put aside political and policy differences to get something done. As a result of this, our membership has grown from 12 to over 76 members. These members are individual business owners or organizations that include thousands of employees, union members and independent contractors in Sussex County, and yet, we are able to come together to help improve the quality of life in Sussex County. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the same could be said of all who claim the same goals? Just sayin.’

The committee continues to pursue improved medical services here in Sussex. The passage of a better-funded medical education law last year was only the beginning of solving these problems. For over a year now, we have been discussing a medical school for Delaware. We now know it must be a good idea because New Castle County officials are talking about doing the same thing but only in New Castle. Go figure.

Each of our local hospitals is exploring resident programs for their facilities, and the next logical step would be a medical school, and what better place than here, in the largest county in Delaware? We do know that there are other groups who are exploring this possibility, along with other facilities and medical education improvements in Sussex. The Sussex Economic Development Action Committee stands ready to assist with others in this heavy lift. How about The Delaware School of Medicine, Sussex County, Delaware? Has a great ring to it!

The committee continues its support for growth that promotes housing and jobs here. We endorsed an apartment project in Georgetown known as the Ponds that has been approved by the mayor and council of Georgetown.

Joe Conaway

Chairman, Sussex Economic Development Action Committee

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