Letter to the Editor: Reader wants more information about mass shooters


I am still waiting to hear about where the latest mass shooters got their money for the weapons and also what internet sites they visit or music they listen to.

The reason I ask is that, on a couple episodes of “NCIS,” they had where kids were going to chatrooms, and then, they’re being told things to do, and most of the time, it was a music chatroom, where they were listening to music which had stuff in it that told them.

A lot of the games kids play have chatrooms, and you never know how old someone is there. They start telling them they’re no good and all that kind of stuff, and then, things happen. I think that all chatrooms and music rooms should be checked by police now and then.

The public should be told about these shooters, what they were visiting and the games they have been playing. I’d like to know, too, which political party they are from or their family.

Just some more things to think about, and I wonder if media will give us any answers. Here’s hoping.

Marvin Fortney


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