Letter to the Editor: Delaware NOW decries Supreme Court ruling on abortion


It’s hard to find words to express the profound disappointment and anger I and my fellow members of Delaware’s chapter of the National Organization for Women are feeling after reading the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision from the Supreme Court.

On behalf of Delaware NOW, I want to share that our thoughts are first and foremost with every pregnant person seeking abortion services today in the United States — we can’t imagine the pain, frustration and confusion they must be dealing with right now. We also stand with everyone concerned about the effect of this decision on LGBTQ+ rights, access to contraceptives and the basic equality of women in the United States.

Abortion access in Delaware continues to expand. The recent passage of House Bill 455 through the Delaware House of Representatives and Senate shows the commitment of our legislature to ensure that Delawareans and anyone traveling to Delaware are able to access abortion services. Regardless of the decisions of the Supreme Court and the federal government, Delaware NOW intends to continue to work with community partners and legislators to ensure that everyone in Delaware is able to access abortion services, as well as every pregnant person who comes to Delaware to seek abortion care.

Delaware NOW will continue to fight with our partners and allies to ensure that Delaware does not go back, and we pledge to aid and abet abortion access with every opportunity.

Melissa Froemming

President, National Organization for Women’s Delaware chapter


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