From the Editor: What would you like to know about the candidates?


So what questions do you have for the candidates?
We are inching closer to Delaware’s election days, and interest is building.
The primary is Sept. 13. The general election is Nov. 8.
Now is the time when many readers begin considering the issues and weighing their options.
We would like to learn what questions you have and for which candidates.
Let us know what topics interest you, and we will do our best to get answers.
Email or call 302-608-0062 to leave your thoughts in a voicemail.
A few years back, the League of Women Voters presented some suggestions for informed citizens in advance of Election Day.
Among the league’s ideas was a comparison grid. The first column states your values, and then, you fill in where the candidates stood on certain issues.
How many of you take this approach?
We are developing a voter guide on our website that will offer readers a place to learn more about the election and candidates.
In advance of the general election, we plan to have candidate biographies and surveys posted for your review. This material will be open to all readers as a public service.
Finally, we wish to share information on election-related letters to the editor and endorsements.
Please consider the following:
• Review our Civility Checklist on this page and take the Civility Pledge.
• Letters must have content that centers on issues related to the office.
• Be brief. We reserve the right to edit for clarity, accuracy and length.
• If we receive multiple endorsement letters that seem repetitive, we may choose to advise readers that this is the case. And in such cases, we may refer readers to to see more.
• Form letters are discouraged.
• To allow time for a fair discussion and rebuttals, we suggest that letters be received no later than a week prior to the election date.
New Delaware State News readers may be surprised to learn that we do not endorse candidates.
We have faith in the public’s ability to make good decisions if we provide them a solid understanding of the issues and a place to debate and develop their opinions.
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