America fiddles while Baltimore burns

Posted 5/6/15

In a civilized society, the question should not be “What is the government going to do to fix it?” but “Where is the morality of the people, and where is the morality of the people who are …

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America fiddles while Baltimore burns

In a civilized society, the question should not be “What is the government going to do to fix it?” but “Where is the morality of the people, and where is the morality of the people who are charged with protecting and serving the people?” The language should not be how much more government control can we have. It’s amazing how the vocabulary is being seized, the mayor voicing we have the 1st Amendment and that protects these protestors and in order for them to exercise that protection, we have to step back and give them room to destroy. The 1st Amendment does not protect violence, destroying property, burning down property. It protects speech and peaceful demonstration, but you see how we’re just going to muddy those lines, and all the while, the people are screaming for help and Barack Obama has promised to give help as help is needed. Step back and let things get as desperate as they can, and then, blame it all on the 1st Amendment. Complete totalitarianism didn’t work for the Russians and our forefathers, so, why do we think that it’s going to work for us? We have devolved from a Constitutional Republic to a mob-majority democracy where nothing is preserved except tyrants and slaves. We’ve been so disarmed that this is happening. Sounds extreme, but look at reports of where people have saved each other, those who were armed. This would never happen in an armed society. This would never happen in a society where the people understand the necessity of the 2nd Amendment. Richard Henry Lee said, “Whereas to preserve liberty, it’s essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms.” If you can’t protect your life and your property, you are not preserving your liberty. Noah Webster’s warning is coming true: He said that, in order to keep a standing army from ruling over us like they are in every nation in Europe, the whole body of the people must be armed. We are incapable of taking care of ourselves, so, we must cry out to the government for help, and they will: they will by force, they’ll move in the standing armies, and then, we’ll be ruled over by standing armies, and then we will never be able to stand up against oppressive, unjust and unconstitutional laws because our immorality keeps us incapable of governing ourselves, and the fact of being disarmed makes us so afraid that we need someone else to keep us safe. Baltimore is the result of an immoral society and too much government. Too much government always breeds this kind of riot, disruption, and the irony is, the only cry will be for more government because no people will tamely surrender their liberties, when knowledge is diffused and virtue is preserved. On the contrary, when people are universally ignorant, and debauched in their manners, they will sink under their own weight without the aid of foreign invaders. It’s not ISIS rioting in the streets, burning down buildings or coming to take us under military coup. No, our federal government is going to do that for us, and then, where will we be? Under federal rule, under standing armies. Are we going to get right and get constitutional, America, or not?

Robert Duff Smyrna

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