Letter to the Editor: Supreme Court’s interference with choice leaves a few options


For two weeks now, I have been trying to decide why, after 50 years of protecting the right of women to decide to have an abortion, the Supreme Court decided to move these protections backwards and, therefore, make them illegal in some places.

The right of every woman in this nation to decide whether to carry a child to term is hers and hers alone — hopefully with consultation by her personal doctor.

This is without interference from any “high-ranking elected political official,” Congress, state or local legislature, religious entity or legal institution.

The ultimate choice of the lifestyle as it relates to a woman’s body is that particular individual’s and no one else’s.

Maybe what needs to be the next step is the women of this nation need to unite themselves to pass legislation affecting the legal freedoms we men currently have.

There is one other choice: Come Nov. 8, 2022, we march with our feet and vote with our hearts, our hands, our heads and our voices “held high,” stating that reproductive choice is a woman’s personal decision and her decision alone.

Al Liebeskind


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